7 Things you need to know before leaving for a job in Germany

7 Things you need to know before leaving for a job in Germany
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7 Things you need to know before leaving for a job in Germany


Useful information to know before you go to work with a German employer.

Is the whole beginning difficult?
Not even when you have all the information available before you leave for Germany with your employer, thus preventing any inconvenience or misunderstanding. We recommend that you have a lot of money in Euro for you because depending on the area in which you work, the German employer can pay you an advance after about a week's work.

What documents do I need for employment?
The following documents are required in the original:
- Identity card
- Bank account in Euro
- Qualification diploma if necessary (depending on the job occupied)
For professional drivers, the driver's documents are required.

Who pays for transportation to the employer?
Because you have a direct employment contract with the German employer without pay difference, the cost of transport will be borne by you.

How do I get there?
With the confirmation of your employment you will receive all the details regarding the address where you have to reach including the transport possibilities from Romania to Germany. Our company has as partners the transport companies from Romania and Europe such as Flixbus www.flixbus.ro or Romfour www.romfour.ro
Our operators will find for you the most optimal and advantageous route after which they will inform you about the company you will be leaving with and the ticket price.

Anyone waiting for me in Germany?
After the completion of your employment documents, the reservation and payment of the transport ticket our operators will keep in constant contact with you, informing in advance the employer company the date and time with approximation when you arrive. It is important to make sure that you have the roaming enabled on the phone, as you will be contacted by telephone during your trip to the employer by one of our operators or the German company where you will work.

Where will I stay and what accommodation conditions will I have?
To begin with, the German employer offers you a single staff room, the rent being withdrawn from the monthly salary. The cost of rent varies by area and size.
After the accommodation period you can find a bigger home according to the requirement of each one.
Your employer can help you find your favorite home.

What happens after I get there I'll be picked up by someone?
The contact person who will take over you is preset even before you leave for Germany.
Who enrolls me in German finances and living space?
The German employer will enroll you in the health insurance and the registration office for the German workforce before starting the first hour of work.
Each employee in Germany must be notified by personal law at the local finance office and the registration office in the German residential area, respectively Finanzamt and Einwohnermeldeamt.
In the same way, the opening of a bank account is carried out only personally, thus respecting the European standards for respecting confidential personal data.

When do I sign the employment contract?
In Germany an employment contract can be made in writing or verbally.
The written contract is signed on average within 5-7 business days because this contract is sent from the accounting office of the German employer.

Work in Germany directly at the employer


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      Jan 03, 2020 17:08 pm Răspunde

      I am a cook, I am 50 years old, I have worked in Germany, in Hanover, but detached from Romania. I do not know german. I am 17 years old in the kitchen profession.

    • Mihai Tereza
      Jan 04, 2020 12:59 pm Răspunde

      I would like a job as a general practitioner in Frankurt. I mention that I worked in this city and also vb Germana. Thanks!

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