• The German company Medialjob is one of the leading companies in Germany, with projects to integrate medical staff from Europe and Asia.

    Over 320 German senior centers and clinics enjoy the integration projects initiated by us, with over 5 years of experience in this field.

    The integration program for registered general nurses JobForLife Germany 2020 is a comprehensive project, which offers support for both labor market integration in Germany and obtaining an employment contract in the short term.

    JobForLife Germany 2020 is intended for nursing practitioners who wish to work in Germany either within projects with a limited duration not exceeding 24 months or for longer periods of employment, depending on their requirements.

    Within the scope of the project, we organize information sessions about German healthcare provided in German hospitals and senior care centers. This will help you learn everything you need to know in order to quickly and easily integrate into Germany, both in the workplace and in German society.

    Our specialists from Germany and Romania will support you during the program with all the information you need to learn German until professional recognition in Germany, which requires knowledge of German language Level B2. Professional recognition in Germany is necessary because once you get it you have full rights to work as a nurse and bring with it a considerable increase in salary according to the German salary scale.

  • We guarantee you a complete Made in Germany project with the following opportunities!

    Here are the steps you will take with us after registration in the next course:

    - Free live / online German language course with duration of 10-12 weeks * Intensive course 3 hours / 3 days a week.

    - Informative courses on healthcare in Germany by assessing standard knowledge in hospitals and seniors care centers.

    - Your employment in Germany with an individual indefinite contract in clinics or seniors care centers throughout Germany.

    - Your free transport to your new job in Germany

    - Subsidized accommodation in apartments or single rooms with rents between 185.00-340.00 € including costs for light, heat and maintenance.

    - Continuation of the German language course in Germany after employment up to level B2

    - Professional recognition from the German state, including translation of file documents.

    Free final B2 test.

    Payment of fees to the German state for professional recognition.

    Complete integration project, both at work and in the community

    Help for opening an account

    Registration in residential space * Anmeldung.

    Registration at Tax Authorities

    Help reunite the family

    Integration bonus from the German employer

    Specialized courses to advance in your career, such as management in healthcare or management in intensive care.

  • Until obtaining professional recognition in Germany, you will work as a nurse without professional recognition with a gross basic salary of 2,088.00 € + holiday bonuses + 100% Saturday + 25% Sunday + 35% reported to 11.37 € / hour.

    Example of bonuses: You work on Sunday - 11.37 € + 35% = 15.35 € / hour gross. You work on a public holiday in Germany: you have 100% bonuses 11.37 € + 100% = 22.74 € / hour

    After professional recognition in Germany, the salary is between 2,770.00 € and 3,260.00 € + bonuses depending on the sector where you will work.

    Salary list for nurses without professional recognition

    Gross basic salaries, plus bonuses are shown below

    Regions in Germany

    BAYERN: 2,095.00-2,260.00 Euro

    HESSEN: 1,911.00-2,140.0 Euro

    NRW: 1,967.00-2,080.00 Euro

    NIEDERSACHSEN: 1.911.00-2.090.00 Euro

    BRANDENBURG: 1,823.00-1,935.00 Euro

    Salary list for nurses with professional recognition

    Gross basic salaries, plus bonuses are shown below

    Regions in Germany


    Beginner nurse Senior Center: 2,826.00-3.175.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Hospitals: 2,826.00-3.351.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Operating rooms: 3,143.00- 3,758.00 Euro


    Beginner nurse Senior Center: 2,650.00- 2,820.00 Euro

    Beginner medical assistant Hospitals: 2,600.00-3.087.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Operating rooms: 3,055.00 - 3,400.00 Euro


    Beginner nurse Senior Center: 2,544.00 - 2,811.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Hospitals: 2,650.00-3.200.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Operating rooms: 3.122.00- 3.64500 Euro


    Beginner nurse Senior Center: 2,650.00- 2,910.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Hospitals: 2,600.00-3.085.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Operating rooms: 3,080.00 - 3,650.00 Euro


    Beginner nurse Senior Center: 2,380.00 - 2,720.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Hospitals: 2,455.00-2,960.00 Euro

    Beginner nurse Operating rooms: 2,900.00- 3,350.00 Euro

    Legal bonuses

    The bonuses are regulated by the German Ministry of Health, being exempt from tax and are the same, regardless of whether or not you have professional recognition.

    + 25% bonus for Saturday

    + 30% night bonus between 21:00-06:00 hours

    + 35% bonus for Sunday

    + 100% bonus for legal holidays

    + 7% seniority bonus added to gross salary every 16 months

  • The training fee of € 300.00 is 100% refundable. Payment of the training fee is made in full before the start of the course or in three monthly installments.

    You will receive 50% of this amount after three months of employment in Germany, and the remaining 50% after nine months of employment in Germany.

    The contract for this program provides for your employment with an work contract of at least 8 months in Germany. If you wish to terminate the contract before this date, you will have to bear the costs of this program in the amount of € 950.00, representing the costs of your training for the German language, your transport which was subsidized when you came to Germany, and the processing of papers for professional recognition

  • Registration for this program is done by sending the following documents to the email address

    - Complete CV

    - Diploma of nurse

    - Criminal record

    After receiving the documents, we will contact you by phone for more information and interview.

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