Frequent questions


Here you will find answers to most of the questions that candidates have about jobs in Germany.

MEDIALJOB does not charge a commission or other taxes.

MedialJob has contracts with all German employers, in which are also stipulated the exceptional cases where for various reasons the post is no longer valid. We are also insured for exceptional cases, namely: The candidate will be reimbursed for the return transport, including the costs such as eating and staying at the Hotel during the transport back. Although so far MedialJob has not encountered such exceptional cases, we want all candidates coming through us to be sure that they have not invested in transport without having a job in Germany. We are proud that over 600 candidates have found a secure job.

You can send the CV in German, English or Romanian.
The CV can be created online at the following link:

The interview will be held with the employer or a MEDIALJOB representative by phone or video conference (Skype, Facebook).

The salary differs depending on the qualifications and experience you have in the field. The salary will be presented when you are accepted.

The employment contract will be signed directly with the German employer without intermediaries.

All German employers only employ staff with a contract of employment and payment of all social and health insurance.

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