The integration project of nurses - Non-Citizens

  • The German company Medialjob is one of the leading companies in Germany developing projects concerned with the integration of healthcare professionals from Europe and Asia. Over 320 German senior centers and clinics benefit from the integration projects initiated by us, as we have over 5 years of experience in this field.

    The integration program for registered general nurses JobForLife Germany 2020 is a comprehensive project, which offers support for both labor market integration in Germany and obtaining an employment contract in the short term.

    JobForLife Germany 2020 is intended for nursing practitioners who wish to work in Germany either within projects with a limited duration not exceeding 24 months or for longer periods of employment, depending on their requirements.

    Within the scope of the project, we organize information sessions about German healthcare provided in German hospitals and senior care centers. This will help you learn everything you need to know in order to quickly and easily integrate into Germany, both in the workplace and in German society.

    Our specialists in Germany will provide you throughout the duration of the program with all the information you need to learn German for the purpose of gaining recognition of your professional qualifications in Germany, which requires a B2 proficiency level in German language. Professional recognition in Germany is a must and once you have obtained it, you will be fully entitled to exercise the nursing profession, which will lead to a considerable wage increase according to the German salary scale. Pay-related information can be found below.

    Information about working in Germany

    Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world in the healthcare sector.

    As a registered nurse, due to our specialized courses, you have the opportunity to further your career up to the position of medical director of a healthcare center.

  • The program has a length of four months.

    First and foremost, we will conduct an interview; more specifically, you will be interviewed by one of our operators in Germany. The interview will be conducted in English and will take about 10 minutes. Should you be accepted, you will receive a reply from us within seven working days, and you will also receive a guarantee of employment from the German company.

    The next step is the signing of the integration contract and the processing of the security payment.

    You will be notified by one of our teachers via email, WhatsApp or Skype about the start date of the German language courses. German language courses typically start within 21 days of the contract conclusion date and are held four times a week as four-hour morning or afternoon sessions.

    You will not be allowed to attend the language course sessions while participating in other activities, for example while at work.

    The employment contract will be signed after successful completion of the A1 level beginner test

    The candidate will apply for the visa at the German Embassy in India Our company will take over the formalities involved in processing the documents to obtain the visa

    Upon completion of the German language course you will pass a B1 level language test with an authorized teacher from MedialJob

    Once you obtain the visa, you will travel to Germany

    After arriving in Germany, you will start work

    Once in Germany, you will continue the German language course until you obtain a B2 level certificate

    From our experience, this process takes about 8 weeks.

    On the first day you can request a down payment of EUR 120 for personal needs.

    When do I get to know who the employer is?

    After A1 test with us, your data will be sent to our care centers / hospitals which we administer.

    When do I get the employment contract?

    In our experience it takes between 7 and 8 weeks from the start of the project until you have the working contract.

  • Until you have your professional qualification recognized, you will work as a nursing professional without professional recognition, and your salary will be equivalent to that of a nurse.

    With the increase in years of service, the German salary scale provides for a salary increase, which is currently around € 180 per year.

    The gross salary before gaining professional recognition is: EUR 2,088.00 + bonuses

    The gross salary after professional recognition is: EUR 2,610.00 - 2.8130.00 + bonuses

    Currently, the tax and social security contributions in Germany amount to 29%

    The net salary consists of the gross salary minus 29% taxes and social security contributions plus bonuses, which are exempt from tax (On average, a nurse practitioner can earn around EUR 280.00 net in bonuses).

    Bonuses are regulated by the German Ministry of Health and are tax-exempt. Their rate is the same, irrespective of whether you have obtained or not the recognition of your professional qualification.

    Bonus for working on Saturdays: 25%

    Bonus for working on Sundays: 35%

    Bonus for working between 20:00 and 06:00: 30%

    Bonus for working on public holidays: 100%

    Eg: At a salary of EUR 2,730, you will receive for a shift worked on a Saturday a net bonus amounting to EUR 30.32, and for a public holiday EUR 121.28

    Health insurance

    Every worker in Germany is enrolled in a statutory health insurance scheme and benefits from a 100% health insurance coverage

    Working hours

    You should work on two shifts (morning and afternoon shift), 5 days a week, ie 42 hours weekly.

    You should work every second weekend.

    Only candidates who have worked for at least three months in Germany and have already obtained recognition of their professional qualification can work night shifts.

    Annual leave

    Your annual leave entitlement for the first holiday year is 24 days

    Your annual leave entitlement for the second holiday year is 26 days

    Your annual leave entitlement for the third holiday year is 28 days

    Accommodation in Germany

    Depending on the region you will be assigned to in Germany, you will receive accommodation in single rooms or two-room apartments for two persons.

    The monthly rent is between EUR 235.00 and 375.00 per person.

    The rent includes electricity, heating and maintenance costs.

    Daily staff meals

    You can opt for the daily meals offered by the employer for a fee, which consists of two meals per day. Currently, the meals cost EUR 6.10 per day

    You should know that food costs in Germany amount to approximately EUR 280.

    What you need to know before you start this program and what are your costs

    This program must also be strictly followed because we are required to make an advance payment with respect to the processing of your documents and the formalities for obtaining a German visa, as well as the organization of your transport and accommodation.

    Qualification title

    Only nurse practitioners who have been awarded a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING or a nursing degree after attending a study program with a minimum length of three years, and at least one year's experience are eligible to apply.

    Employment contract

    The employment contract you will sign in Germany is an individual contract and does not provide for your relocation with other family members. Should you wish to apply for family reunification, you can do so after at least six months of residence in Germany, by filing the application with the relevant authorities.

    You will work in senior care centers throughout Germany.

    Ideal candidate

    The ideal candidate must actively seek to integrate into German society and participate in the Ger-man language and integration courses provided within the scope of the project.

    German language and integration courses

    German language is difficult only for those who do not wish to learn it and, of course, for those who do not complete their homework.

    If you want to change your life you surely can do it!

    Our teachers have extensive experience and will support you throughout the duration of the program

    The German language courses are online courses and require a minimum attendance rate of 75%. If the candidate has 25% or more absences, he / she is in danger of being expelled, and the paid security will not be refunded.

    Procedure for professional qualification recognition in Germany

    Information about the professional recognition of nurse practitioners in Germany is made available by the German state in English on the website:

    The costs of the recognition certificate are posted on this site.

  • The costs of integration involved by this project

    Each candidate undertakes by contract the obligation to pay the amount of EUR 2400.00.

    EUR 1,700.00 before your departure to Germany.

    EUR 700.00 after you are in Germany and start work / is paid in 4 installments.

    These costs cover:

    Fees for the German authorities for processing the visa

    Fees for the German authorities for professional recognition

    Fees for the German authorities for residence and work permits

    Intensive German Language courses lasting 4 months live / online 4 times a week 5 hours a day

    The Courses 09: 00-1: 00am and 5pm - 10pm

    Personal assistance for obtaining the visa at the German Embassy in India

    Transport from the airport in Germany to the employer

    Personal assistance related to the registration of the residence with the relevant German authorities

    Personal assistance related to opening a bank account


    EUR 250.00 after certification of acceptance from us

    EUR 750.00 after signing the employment contract with the German employer

    EUR 700.00 after issuing the work visa in Germany

    EUR 700.00 after you are in Germany and start work / is paid in 4 installments.

  • Send your complete CV with copy of the nurse diploma:

    Don't forget to send us your WhatsApp number and your Skype ID.

    In the first step, a Medialjob operator will contact you on WhatsApp or by telephone.

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